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Equal Interval System

"In 2007, I started a great new journey in my life. On that time, I was excited about the beggining, but could not guess how wonderful the best composition course I’ve ever studied was.


Equal Interval System (EIS) has led me, since then, to a new level of thinking. I remember, before taking EIS classes, how cool it was to compose cartoon music like "Looney Tunes" and "Tom and Jerry" but on that time they were too complex for me.


My graduation at a University has never barely touched the subject, and I was completely away of the course towards the sounds of movie and TV that I loved so much! 


Equal Interval System (EIS) is in my opinion the most comprehensive composition course ever made. It didn’t provide enough knowledge to understand every score that I had in front of me but it opened several new endless possibilities to confidently compose any kind of music style including cartoon music."

I didn't stop learning when I finished my EIS studies. For a very long time I've been wondering how the best film composer of all time could achieve the beautiful dramatic music of movies like Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones.

Immersing on a deep analysis of his film scores I could realize some aspects of his composition techniques that can't be found in any other method of composition. These analysis have been developed into a beautiful project entitled The John Williams' Compositional Techniques.

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