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In this medley you can have an overview of the more than 60 short movies I've scored, arrangements, orchestrations and compositions I have worked on since the beginning of my career.

The Mummy


Back in 2004 there was happening some breakthroughs in the virtual orchestras technology. For the first time in the music history it was possible to emulate orchestras (like real orchestras) in computers and I didn’t think twice in putting my hands on these new advancements.


Up until that time I did’t have any experience with computers and my dream to have my compositions recorded beautifully with orchestras was something far beyond my reach. Then with the proper investment in money and time I acquired the computer and basic knowledge about MIDI programming.


As I loved to watch the movies The Mummy I and II and their music as well, I decided to give birth to my musical imagination putting together what I call The Mummy Series.

© all musical rights reserved.

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