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Welcome to my Avatar - Rescore Project!
Here you will find several key scenes of the great movie Avatar (2009) with my music soundtrack version.

There are currently two medleys, six full scenes plus some nice extras that you can watch by clicking in the links below. More scenes coming soon!
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Medley I

Medley II


Known as The Thanator Chase, this was the first Avatar scene I’ve rescored. The challenge was to make an action/chase scene that would slightly highlight some key points.

Scene 1: Run Definitely Run
Scene 2: Beasts Surrounding

With predominance of sound design, this part of the movie represented a challenge for me because, according to my read, the scene required a musical writing that is unusual to me. The experience was very rewarding.

Delicate and gentle, this “nature musical theme” was played for the first time in the movie.

I payed particular attention to the growth of the scene which culminates in Jay being covered by the seeds while the new heroic Avatar theme also appears, for the first time, at the end.

Scene 3: The Seeds of the Sacred Tree
Scene 4: Hunting Dragon

I felt that more than any other scene that I have rescored, Hunting Dragon was the most tribal one which required a percussive lead.

Scene 5: The First Flight

The First Flight scene is a rare moment in film music where the composer has an opportunity to fully express his/her main theme and its variations.

After Jay’s struggle to tame the dragon, I wanted the music sound bold and heroic.

Scene 6: The Alien Attack (part one)

The Alien Attack represents one of the most dramatic scenes of the movie. I tried to make the music follow closely this high drama by pushing the orchestra to its limit in range and expression.

Scene 6: The Alien Attack (part two)

Now, with music only!


First Flight (strings only)

From the scene First Flight.

Na'vi Home Destroyed

From the scene The Alien Attack.

Hunting Na'vis

From the scene The Alien Attack.

Get Away!

From the scene The Alien Attack.

© all musical rights reserved.

Besides the musical part, I don't claim any copyright or authorship of the material presented in these videos.

Copyright © 2009 Rights reserved to 20th Century Fox.

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