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Online Consultancy for Professional Film Composers

Get a personal help from Leandro.

Since I've started my first modest home studio 15 years ago I have seen the growth of music technology in many ways.

From the standpoint of realism, which I have been seeking during all this years, the evolution of virtual instruments has been amazing.

Today I have gathered tools to my studio that provide me enough power to freely express anything that I write in the music sheet without compromising the quality and expressiveness of the production.

My studio, though not as fancy as the major film composers, is more than enough to produce soundtracks that can compete with any professional orchestra.

Check it here!

In order to make a good sound, the composer, besides the proper tools, needs the ability to compose, orchestrate and produce efficiently and fast with the tools he or she has in hands.

Upon request from some talents and believing that I could help add value to their profession I decided to dedicate part of my week to the Online Consultancy for Professional Film Composers.

In the consultancy I seek to adapt myself to the needs of each individual in the areas of:

1 - Assembling your midi home studio.

2 - Improving the sound of your template.

3 - Advanced midi mockup techniques.

4 - Composition/orchestration for film music.

5 - Analyzing and spotting scenes or movies.

Are you interested in improving your music productions?


If so, get in touch with me by clicking in this link below using the word "Consultancy" in the tittle.

Send an inquiry to Leandro.

I will be happy to answer all your questions and assist you in the growth and development of you career.

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