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Post Graduation Debate

The Debate that happened in Anhembi Morumbi Post Graduation Course of Soundtrack.
Discussing important career subjects like today's market, sample libraries, budget, with great and experienced professionals made this event the success it was.



Film Score Monthly Magazine

In the edition of March (2017), the blog The John Williams’ Compositional Techniques was mentioned in the big online magazine. 

This picture of it, it is if you are not a subscriber of them.


TV Interview

Interview about career and music projects at TV Relacionamento in Brazil (for portuguese speakers).


John Williams FAN Networtk


Radio Interview

TV Interview

Great interview with Katerina Cozias in Los Angeles, CA. 

We talk about the AVATAR Sequel Project and the John Williams Compositional Techniques book I am writing.


Huffington Post Magazine Article

The great online magazine in US, Huffington Post, has written about my current Music Project, AVATAR RESCORE.

Posted by Mr. José Angel Manaiza, Jr. 

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