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The nature of my soul and my history is music. Get to know both of them in this page and if you like the music feel free to send a message to me.

I will be more than happy to assist you composer, director and producer in your next project.

Scoring Tools Trailer

Science Fiction

Sci-fi is one of my favorite genres of movie and every movie is always a challenge for me because they usually require some very dramatic music.


1) Sebastian's Voodoo (finalist of Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Contest for Emerging Composers 2014)

2) Ciemna Strona

3) Sputnik (1st Prize Winner at Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 2018)


Rescoring some great movies has proven to be very rewarding to me and this is a practice that always leads me to improvements.


1) Jurassic Park - They're Flocking this Way

2) Avatar - First Flight (for more Avatar scenes click here)

3) Rise of the Guardians - Darkness


Here there are some great short movies that I've scored during my career.


1) No Middle Ground

2) Silent Words

3) Ali Etreum


I love the colors and moods of every comedy movie. The musical language this genre asks is always a motivation for me.


1) Foreign Exchange

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