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Leandro Gardini is an award-winning composer, orchestrator, music producer, and arranger.

He has been in the industry for more than twenty years providing top-notch music for various projects.

During this time, he scored many film projects that can be seen on Leandro Gardini - Music Channel.

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Leandro has recently been awarded the 1st Prize Winner at Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 2018 with his score for the short movie Sputnik by the director Maxim Zhestrov.

Leandro also became a distinguished musician of his generation. In 2011, he was awarded by a major Brazilian association, APCA (Paulista's Association of Art's Critics), as the "Composer Revelation of the Year."

He has studied with great mentors since the beginning of his education. Among them, it includes the Brazilian pianist Antonio Bezzan, the Hollywood orchestrators Scott Smalley and Conrad Pope, and the Hollywood composer Christopher Young. He also studied the Composition Course Equal Interval System (EIS) with the composers David Blumberg, Ardell Hake, and Glenn Jordan, and film conducting with Jorge Mester and Angel Velez.

Renowned for his midi mockups, Leandro developed the most comprehensive course of midi orchestration on the market entitled Scoring Tools Masterclass.

Additionally, he is committed to expanding his project of the John Williams music and his online tutorials.

For more than three years, he undertook and produced the TV Talk Show "Trilhando Clássicos," which is responsible for the biggest collection of interviews with renowned Brazilian classical musicians.

On his journey as a music producer, he has also undertaken the acclaimed Hollywood Audio Summit - having as a special guest the Hollywood orchestrator Dr. Norman Ludwin.

After being a finalist of Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Contest for Emerging Composers (2014), with his composition for "Sebastian's Voodoo", he was called to be a judge for the next three years of the contest.

He also beta-tested for companies like 8dio, SampleModeling, ProjectSam, Pianoteq, Acoustic Samples, Synful Orchestra, Chris Hein, and Audio Grocery.

Recently, he has been called to orchestrate the massive soundtrack of the console game Day of Dragons.

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